Tremolo's focus is live video & photography

It's all about live footage.

Real footage of your performances is what customers want to see.

We offer affordable live music video production and we even give you the footage to do with it what you like.

Footage taken at Treehouse Lounge Café and Bar in Balaclava, Melbourne

Tremolo can film your gig



- Filming 45 minutes of live music

- Multitrack recording (up to 6 independent ins/outs)

- Editing and mixing


- One roving camera

- Zoom H6

- Camera stabiliser

- Logic Pro X

- Final Cut Pro X



Tremolo Velvet archers live music book band DJ weddings event

Our photography packages include a professional photographer shooting you at a gig or location of your choice.

Prices start at $250 and includes 1-hour of shooting with 70 - 90 edited shots.

Enquire about an entire night's photography.

We also use your photos for package promotions and social media campaigns. Your Instagram feed is where customers can see you in action. If you don't already have an account we highly recommend it.