What is Tremolo?

Tremolo is a live music platform for artists to showcase and advertise their talents.

Tremolo live music book band DJ weddings party event


Your live music booking platform

We believe musicians should be focused on their craft, not their website. We've built a platform where bands, DJs and musicians can showcase their talent, and where customers can find and book the perfect music for their event.

Tremolo gives musicians the first purpose-built marketing platform to help them get gigs, leaving them to do what they do best; perform.

You set your price and that's what you get paid! No more waiting or hoping for a better offer.

Your marketing tool

Online advertising, SEO, SEM and social media.

Use the Tremolo platform to market your live music packages on social media and search engines.

Tremolo advertises via Google, Facebook and Instagram to target customers looking to book live music for their event.

We're reaching out to wedding planners and engaged couples directly to showcase you and your style. 


Tremolo marketing book band bands DJ DJs wedding event

Tremolo Guarantee

Customers and musicians love Tremolo because we guarantee their booking.

We know it can be frustrating to find a replacement when you need to pull out of a gig. If that’s the case, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

Tremolo guarantee band bands DJ DJs wedding weddings event

How Tremolo Works

Create your account, profile and packages

After creating your free account you can then list your profile and create your packages.

Within your profile, you can list multiple live music packages for different events that you specialise in. For example, specific packages for wedding ceremonies, canapés, and receptions. Or private event packages; corporate functions, birthdays and engagements. As well as public events like gigs in bars, restaurants and at festivals.

Each package will display your live video footage, base location, prices, number of artist members, package inclusions, a biography, chat widget, photos, song lists and reviews from Easy Weddings, Facebook page directly on your pages. 


Tremolo is built for musicians by musicians. We understand the frustration of working with agencies that take a generous percentage of your fee so we're keeping things transparent - our fees are added after you've set your fee. We add $80 to all public and private event packages and $150 to all wedding packages. Simple, clear pricing. 




Live chat with customers

Being in control of your Tremolo profile means more than just adding everything musical you offer.  Every artist is assigned their own live chat widget so you can respond to any enquiry ASAP directly from your phone or computer. It's faster and easier than email, saving you time and hassle.
However, if responding to clients enquiries to lock in a potential gig isn't your bag, we can look after this for you for $50. The money is deducted from your package price and only if the gig is confirmed.
So, if an enquiry comes through the chat widget on one of your pages, we'll do what we can to lock the gig in for you. Once the booking is made and the deposit paid, you then communicate with the client directly until the gig using email, phone, text, Facebook, pidgeon, SOS, MySpace or whatever you choose.



Set your availability and choose the gigs you want to play

We're making booking gigs easier for you and your customers.

Tremolo's Google Calendar availability feature allows customers to see if you're available on a particular date. 

When a gig is booked and the deposit is paid you’ll receive an email from a Tremolo rep and that date will be blocked out on you Tremolo calendar.


How availability works

The Tremolo Google Calendar sync feature allows customers to see dates you're available or unavailable to play.

If your calendar shows you as available on your profile, customers are prompted to 'Confirm' your availability in the event that you booked another gig or something has come up on that date. To access this feature you will need a Google account. You can create your free Google account when creating your Tremolo account.

Accepting gigs is simple

If your Google Calendar sync is set up, you will be prompted by a customer to confirm your availability. After a customer pays their deposit, you'll receive an official gig booking email and the gig details will be added to your calendar for you to share with band members. 

Next day payment

After you’ve played the gig your full package fee will be transferred to your account on the next business day.




Invite a friend to sign up to Tremolo and receive $50 if they book their first gig within 6 months. Plus, you'll get a 20% discount on a video shoot.

(NOTE: $50 deposited into your account after friend's first booking, within 6-months. The expiry date on the video shoot is 6-months from friend's Tremolo sign-up date)

Simply get your friend to mention your name during their sign-up and we'll be in touch to get the ball rolling.


Invite-a-Friend $200 Video Shoot

Normally valued at $250, we'll get footage of your next live gig of your choosing. The shoot includes:


- Footage of 1 x 45 minute set of music

- 2 channel mix

- Stabilised camera

- Basic mix

- Videos uploaded to YouTube and your Tremolo profile


And the best bit, you get to keep the footage and do with it what you please!