Wedding Music

A common misconception is that you need to choose all of the music for your wedding. While there are some vital parts of the wedding that need your music choices, often too much curating can lead to a stagnate party as bands and DJs have little room to adjust the music to the wedding crowd.

There are a number of key moments where your input and requests are important to helping the music at your wedding make your day so much more special. These include the music for your ceremony like the processional, signing of the registry, and recessional music. Choosing music that means something to you will make the moment all the more memorable.

During the wedding reception, it’s best to give a guide to the band or DJ as to the styles you like and want to hear. For example jazz or acoustic music for early in the night, and upbeat tunes for the dancing part of the evening. Listing your 10 favourite songs, artists or genres will give your band or DJ and great understanding of what music will work best at your wedding.

Of course your wedding day is about you, but it is important to remember that everyone is there to party, so a range of music to suit everyone is ideal. The moments of the wedding reception where your music choices are important are your bridal party entrance, first dance, father/daughter dance (if you’re having one), perhaps some music for the bouquet and garter toss and some music for the end of the wedding night, as the bride and groom depart.