Wedding DJ Melbourne

Hiring a DJ for your wedding in Melbourne can be the perfect beginning and end to your big night. While some prefer a live band to get their reception going, an experienced DJ can offer an impressive variety of music to play at your wedding. Often couples choose to have a band play until dessert and will get a DJ to end out the night, spinning the current top 40 hits that not all bands are able to play.

There are a number of seasoned DJs in Melbourne who provide all their own equipment and can also provide MC services for your wedding day. While this is all well and good, you deserve something a little extra for your special day.

Here at Tremolo, we have some of the best wedding DJs in Melbourne, offering a cooler alternative to the average wedding DJ. Also offering incredible live music performances, be sure to check out our talented Melbourne DJs to ensure your big night is unforgettable!

Wedding DJ

Main Entertainment

Based in Melbourne, Issac Main of Main Entertainment combines his quality acoustic performance talents with full DJ services to bring something special to your big day! Putting a unique spin on the role of wedding DJ, Issac has a passion for using music to help couples celebrate their special day. He understands how music can contribute to the mood of your wedding and knows exactly what works to ensure you and your guests have the best time possible.

Main Entertainment offers Melbourne wedding DJ services to meet the needs of your big day. By offering a high quality solo acoustic performance and an impressive DJ set, you can have the best of both worlds for you wedding! Issac has you covered for ceremony, canapes and reception and is focussed on making your music choice as simple as possible.

With a setlist including Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles and Maroon 5, Main Entertainment is a prime choice for a wedding DJ in Melbourne. Be sure to check out his page and consider Issac for your wedding!


Main Entertainment wedding DJ in Melbourne


Carla Troiano

Vocalist Carla Troiano is the perfect choice for your alternative Melbourne wedding DJ. Her impressive vocal ability, engaging showmanship and extensive repertoire will blow your guests away, performing as either a duo, three piece, four piece or even ten piece band! Flipping the idea of a wedding DJ on it’s head, the band combines DJ services with saxophone, percussion and of course, Carla’s incredible vocals.

Described by Melbourne Fashion Aid as “an absolute powerhouse,” Carla is a charismatic professional and a great choice for a wedding DJ in Melbourne. Brimming with confidence and soul, her voice has been compared to the likes of Adele and Tina Turner.

Melbourne wedding DJ Carla Troiano’s setlist includes Alicia Keys, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars. Sure to be a big hit with your guests, Carla is the perfect choice for a wedding DJ in Melbourne. Check out her page!


Carla Troiano Wedding DJ in Melbourne


Black Suede Band

Black Suede Band are a five piece pop/rock band combining live vocals and instruments with an accomplished DJ, the perfect combo for your Melbourne wedding! Catering for weddings of all sizes and budgets, Black Suede Band are a unique choice for a wedding DJ in Melbourne. Performing as a duo, trio, four piece or six piece band, the choice is up to you! Start with a DJ and vocals and add your favourite instruments as you please. Playing all your favourite hits from every decade as well as today’s top 40, you and your guests will be dancing all night long.

Offering ceremony, pre-dinner and reception music, as well as MC services, Black Suede Band are a professional, experienced choice for a Melbourne Wedding DJ. A fusion of live music and DJ, this band are a cool alternative to a standard wedding DJ.

With a set list featuring the likes of Rihanna, Robbie Williams, John Paul Young, Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry, Black Suede Band are an excellent choice for a wedding DJ in Melbourne. Be sure to check out their page and consider them for your wedding!

Black Suede Band Wedding DJ in Melbourne


If you want your wedding to stand out from the crowd and be the best it can be, be sure to check out our Melbourne wedding DJs. Offering a cooler alternative to the standard wedding DJ, Main Entertainment, Carla Troiano or Black Suede Band will add a unique touch to your special day!

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