Wedding Dance Songs

The wedding dance is one of the oldest wedding traditions, dating back to medieval times, when it was literally the first time the bride and groom had danced together. These days it’s often a highlight of the wedding with many couples choreographing their dances, often with professional help like taking dance lessons in the lead-up to the day. Sometimes it can also involve the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom. Often it comes down to the confidence of the couple as to the level of showmanship the wedding dance displays.

Wedding dance songs are most commonly a personal choice meaning that the song may relate to some aspect of the couple’s life together. For couples who are impartial to wedding dance songs, often the best advice is to search through their record, iTunes or Spotify collection for songs that seem suitable for a wedding dance. Couples need to consider the tempo that they wish to dance at; whether an upbeat tune is perhaps more comfortable than a traditional slow-dance. Other wedding dance song considerations are the length of the song; are you happy to be alone on the dance floor for five minutes? Finally, is it a song that you’re likely to hear later in life? It’s often a nice to choose a wedding dance song that will be heard after the wedding, taking you back to happy moment in your life.