Wedding Ceremony Songs

Technically the most important part of a wedding day, without the wedding ceremony there would be no reception. Contrary to popular consideration, songs at a ceremony are possibly more important than the reception songs. It’s usually the most emotional moment of the day for the wedding couple and their guests. On top of this, every guest is silent during the music at a wedding ceremony so people will be listening acutely to the ceremony songs being played. Much more so than during the reception.

Wedding ceremony songs such as the processional are often personalised choices that share a special place for the bride and groom. Choosing ceremony songs for the wedding is a task that requires some thought and the following points are a guide for that process:
  • Does the venue allow you to play any song of your choosing? Sometimes churches won’t allow certain wedding ceremony songs to be used in the ceremony. Be sure to talk to the priest or minister about any rules they have, or run the songs by them initially.
  • Check the lyrics of the ceremony songs: sometimes songs that mean a lot to the couple may not be very suitable for a wedding ceremony. Considering most guests will be sitting or standing in silence, every lyric will be heard loud and clear.
  • If you’re absolutely set on a particular ceremony song, but it doesn’t seem lyrically appropriate, consider having it performed live and instrumentally by a pianist, guitarist, string quartet or even a harpist.
  • Remember that using an original recording comes with risks: when walking down the aisle, regardless of rehearsals it’ll be different on the day. Having a recorded song finish before the bride makes it to the altar can be rather awkward. Either choose a very long song that you can fade down, or have it played live. Musicians can easily extend a song on-the-fly, taking away the stress of your ceremony song finishing too soon.

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