Looking To Showcase Your Gigs?

Welcome to Tremolo: the Home of Live Music Bookings

How do I find more gigs for my band? It's probably the question musicians ask themselves more than any other. However finding a gig guide with live music venues and contacting them about getting gigs for your band isn't always as easy as it sounds. By contrast, venues are finding it harder and harder to find good cover bands and acoustic musicians to play gigs at their venues. 

Tremolo solves this dilemma. Giving bands, musicians and DJs the opportunity to showcase themselves online so venue managers can search, compare and book them for gigs whenever it suits them. In many respects it's the opposite to a gig guide as it reverses the process. Tremolo displays available bands, musicians and DJs for gigs in your city, and gives venue managers and bookers the opportunity to peruse live videos, song lists, prices and availability. 

Live Footage is Critical to Getting More Gigs for Your Band

Real footage of your band or DJ service, or your solo or duo gig is the key to giving venues confidence to book you. Managers worry about musicians being too loud, or not the right style to provide the atmosphere they need for a gig at their venue. Live footage from real gigs gives them confidence because they can hear and see what you're like in a real venue, rather than a flashy promo video.

Check out these example videos for an insight into how your live footage should work: