First Dance Songs

*Here's our list of the 10 Beautiful First Dance Songs
Choosing a first dance song doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are some go-to first dance songs to choose from if you’re not fussed about personalising the moment. These include classics like Stand By Me by Ben E. King and My Girl by The Temptations, to more modern tunes like Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, Everything by Michael Bublé and First Dance by Mark Wilkinson.

Here's our list of the 10 Beautiful First Dance Songs

If you’re considering choosing a unique first dance song, remember to consider these factors:
  • Is it a song that’s important to you? I.e. will you hear it again after the wedding, bringing back wonderful memories of the day?
  • Is it a commonly played song on the radio, i.e. a classic? It might seem a strange factor to consider but choosing a popular song is a lovely way to have impromptu reminders of your day; the song might come on when you’re driving the car or shopping at the supermarket.
  • Is it a practical choice? In other words is it a song that you can actually dance to? I.e. it’s not too fast or too slow, or too long. 
  • Is it a song that can be performed live by a band or will the original recording be better suited?
Finally, when booking your band or DJ remember to discuss their flexibility with learning your first dance song. Some bands will refuse to learn a specific first dance song, while others will be happy to perform it note-for-note from the original recording.