Affordable Wedding Bands and DJs in Melbourne

Having a live band or DJ for your wedding is a great way to ensure there's plenty of party time during the reception. Bands and DJs can range in price from under $500 to well in excess of $5000. Everyone perceives affordability differently and this is why Tremolo exists. We want everyone to have the right to a live band or DJ for their wedding, whether it be Melbourne, across Australia or beyond.

Why do prices vary so much?

Unlike many careers the life of a music artist can take many forms. As a result, the bands, DJs and artists available for hire can vary in what they choose to provide for a wedding. It's important to think about the key aspects you expect the band or DJ to take care of. Here's a list of some of the many variations that can occur in a music package, and how it affects how affordable the artist is:

  • Some bands, musicians and DJs perform full-time and others do it for a bit of fun.
  • Some bands, musicians and DJs have university degrees in music studies. Often they're the full-time performers and charge more accordingly.
  • Some have a renowned reputation like touring with other famous musicians or being featured on TV in shows like The X Factor, The Voice and Australia's Got Talent. This usually results in a higher cost.
  • Often the band/DJ packages may be for the same time frame, but what's provided can vary greatly. For instance over five hours, some packages will include four or five sets of music. Whereas others won't offer more than three. 
  • Sometimes the type of performance can vary the price. For example if the band or DJ is only providing background music, it'll usually be cheaper than if they're going to be the 'main attraction' at some point during the event.
  • Wedding packages usually cost more than other private or public events. This is because of the level of planning and correspondence required of the band or DJ leading up to the day. Between the band or DJ and the bride and groom, on overage over 40 emails will be exchanged before the wedding takes place. Whereas private events are usually only a few. Bands and DJs need to factor this time into the costs they charge.