Info for Bands and DJs

Head to for more detailed information but there's plenty below to get you started!

Tremolo is fast becoming the easiest way for musicians and DJs to lock in gigs across Australia.

Built by musicians for musicians, we understand the shortcomings of booking gigs. We have designed Tremolo with the musician and customer first. For musicians it's a complete re-think of the traditional way bands and DJs communicate and advertise their services. For the customer it takes the haggle, guesswork and 'tyre-kicking' out of the process.

We want to put the control back in the hands of musicians and DJs to help make it as quick and easy as possible to say yes to a gig that comes your way. There are a number of ways we are making this happen. Customers are able to:

  • Search for bands using filters and tags
  • Emphasis on live video footage
  • In-built messaging service for instant communication between bands and customers
  • Regularly updated site and content maintenance
  • Fixed pricing (set by the bands and DJs)
  • Listings your services based on band size, hourly rates, location rates and music styles
  • Your customers will be able to find all of your band or DJ information in the one place without you sending a single email

      Listing band and DJ packages

      Instead of simply summarising what you do, Tremolo gives you the ability to list specific packages targeting the sorts of gigs you wish to perform. This means if you're only looking for work in the wedding scene, you can list a series of packages based on what you offer your clients, set at a price that you're happy to play for. 

        This makes it super transparent and fast for customers, and super easy for you to say yes to the gigs. It's free to list and only takes an evening to get setup.

        Tremolo is the only site that:

        • Lets you list multiple line-ups
        • Lets you promote multiple package options
        • Embeds video on every package
        • Provides an online booking merchant so clients can book you simply, guaranteed
        • Provides a embedded messaging system between you and your clients

          How much does it cost?

          Listing on Tremolo costs you $0 to list your profile until your fourth booking, then $20 a month (irrespective of the amount of gigs you book). The best bit is, you tell us what you want to be paid for a given package, and that's the fee you receive. We don't take any commission.

          How do I list?

          Say hello and introduce yourself in the chat box below and we'll take it from there.


          Don't have any live videos?

          Good quality, accurate and honest live footage is key to customers booking you online. If you don't have any, get in touch with us and we can arrange a video shoot for your next gig.


          Once again, please visit for more information on Tremolo.

          If you have any enquiries please send an email to either or and we'll arrange a time to chat that's best for you.