DJ Hire Melbourne

To hire a Melbourne DJ for a particular event can be a challenging task. Like any service provider, you want to ensure that you are getting the best DJ for your budget. You can hire DJs in Melbourne anywhere from $100 per night, up to $500 per hour. It’s important to consider whether you are willing to hire a less experienced DJ at a cheaper rate, or pay a higher price for a DJ with years of experience. Remember, you get what you pay for. More experienced DJs will own their own high-quality equipment and you won’t be stuck hiring extra equipment which could end up costing you more down the track.


Tremolo makes it easy to sort through the hundreds of DJs for hire in Melbourne. Once you know your event details and budget, you can search for a DJ, listen to some of their sets and book them directly through the site. Tremolo is the easiest and safest way to hire a DJ for your Melbourne event.

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You’ve got the equipment, you’ve the skills, now it’s time to get hired for your DJ services. With so many Melbourne DJs promoting their skills, using Tremolo you will be able to set your price, list your unique experience, the styles of music you specialise in, communicate with potential clients through our online messaging system and get booked securely. Being hired to DJ an event in Melbourne has never been a simpler experience. Get in touch with Tremolo and get listed today.