Best Wedding Songs

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable and best days of your life. Choosing songs that represent you and your new life partner is an important, but not always easy task. If you’re having trouble finding songs that are suitable for your day, try listening to playlists made by other couples and wedding music experts on sites like 8tracks, Pandora and Spotify.

The best wedding songs can be songs that meant a lot to you before the day, or they can be songs that are simply perfectly suited to certain aspects of the wedding. Some of the best wedding songs to choose are for moments like the ceremony processional, recessional, signing of the registry, your first dance and perhaps a father/daughter dance if you’re doing one.

If you like a particular song for the ceremony but the lyrics aren’t appropriate, having the song played instrumentally by guitarist, pianist, a harp or string quartet can get the best out of the song. Often your band or DJ will be able to recommend the best songs for certain aspects, based on their experience or their unique skill-set.