How Tremolo Works

Until Tremolo, finding live music and having the confidence to book it online was near-impossible. There are countless music supplier websites with page after page of bands and DJs. You never really know if they're real, and the content is usually very dated. 

This often means you resort to going with a friend of a friend's recommendation. But everyone has a different opinion on live music. Sometimes a friend's recommendation can turn out to be a disaster.

Tremolo aims to solve all these problems. After years of booking bands and DJs for customers the old-fashioned way, the Tremolo team has built a platform that makes it easy for everyone. Based on customer feedback, Tremolo allows you to:

1. Search for bands, soloists or DJs using relevant filters like price, music styles, size, location and event type.

2. View packages from bands and DJs that cater for different requirements. This includes being able to view real live footage, prices, song lists and detailed information about what's included.

3. Chat to a Tremolo support member or even the band or DJ itself using the chat box below to check their availability for your event and ask any specific questions. 

4. Book the band securely through Tremolo, with a money back guarantee. Either a deposit invoice can be sent to your email, or you can pay with credit card upfront.

If you've got ideas, concerns or problems with Tremolo, please chat to us using the chat box below. We're always open to feedback or helping you through the process.