Trent Jansz Sets a Romantic Tone for Melbourne Wedding Celebrations

Rachel Chipp

Trent Jansz is an assured singer and musician who brings class and suavity to Melbourne wedding receptions. With his song repertoire, he covers the whole gamut of emotions that you are feeling on your special day, to vocalise the full journey of love: from the first meeting, as sung in The Beatles’ ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, to effortlessly shifting his tone to capture the mature wisdom of experience, with its message of long-lasting security, of Billy Joel’s classic ‘Just the Way You Are’.

He sings the lyrics to a range of love songs with a sincerity that comes across not only in his voice but in his constantly pleasant and engaging eyes, smile and demeanour to fully convey the romantic message he is delivering. The romantic song choices on his song list, delivered in his gentle tones, are exactly what you want your loved one to be surrounded with on their wedding day. These soft, soothing tones are perfectly suited to Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’.

When he sings Andy Grammer’s ‘Fresh Eyes’, he effectively tells a story with the song from a guy’s perspective of the realisation of falling deeper in love with his partner. This perfectly sets the tone of unconditional love at a wedding, serving as a reminder of when love first budded and has now bloomed and how you will fall deeper in love with each other through your life’s journey together.

From ‘Marry Me’ to ‘Marry You’, Trent Jansz has your wedding covered from beginning to end. His adaptable singing and performing style lends itself equally well to each step of the wedding day: from his soft, romantic, dulcet tones and beautiful acoustic guitar playing for the wedding ceremony and canapés to his fun, charismatic personality and husky, anthemic rock vocals in uptempo dance numbers that will guarantee that you’ll be dancing, singing and laughing the night away at the wedding reception.

There is also the option for Trent Jansz to perform as a duo, performing pop and soul songs. The duo packages include a male and female vocal duo, with a choice of either one or two acoustic guitars.

Trent Jansz aims to make your big day memorable for you. His repertoire is constantly expanding and he welcomes any personal song requests you may have. So relax and let him set the romantic tone to your wedding reception.

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