Soul Kitchen Band Provide a Musical Feast in Melbourne Restaurants

Rachel Chipp

Soul Kitchen Band have a talent that could never just be confined to the kitchen. They shine brightest when they are performing out front for the restaurant-goers! They particularly enjoy entertaining crowds at Melbourne restaurants and bars and creating a fun atmosphere in the process.

Soul Kitchen Band are a 6-piece band with a male and female singer, David and Kat, who each take the lead on different songs. In addition, to male and female vocals, Soul Kitchen Band is comprised of lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. Both singers have incredibly powerful and deeply soulful voices. When one of them provides harmonising backing vocals to the other, the soulful sound is enriched and when they sing in unison it becomes a full-bodied sound with such depth of emotion.

David’s influence by soul legends is clear in his beautiful performance of Luther Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’. There is a tenderness to his voice in this song which combines with the soul that effortlessly emanates from every note he sings. He creates such beautiful versions of each song that he gilds with his golden tone.

Boyz II Men are a major influence on David’s singing style. As a result, Soul Kitchen Band offer several Boyz II Men songs on their selection list, including the stunning ‘I’ll Make Love to You’. In addition to Boyz II Men, Soul Kitchen Band pay homage to the evolution of soul with 90s R&B songs such as Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’. This allows them to bring out their cheeky, playful side.

Kat is a force to be reckoned with. She has such a strong, powerful voice, laced with soul, combined with a sassy attitude and cheeky smile that is an irresistible mix. Soul Kitchen Band are not only a joy to listen to but so entertaining to watch perform.

For a rich, soulful sound, Soul Kitchen Band are Melbourne’s go-to band. Book Soul Kitchen Band for your Melbourne restaurant now for the ideal accompaniment to a three-course dinner, from classy mains to fun dessert!


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