Keep Rhys Tolhurst in the Loop for Your Melbourne Christmas Party

Rachel Chipp

Ed Sheeran brought loop pedals to the public’s consciousness when he used one in his Glastonbury headline set and Melbourne-based multi-talented musician, Rhys Tolhurst, impressively emulates this style to perform live cover versions of songs. A loop station provides an effective way of creating backing vocals and music when you are a solo singer-musician performing live.

In Rhys’ performance of ‘Shape Of You’, he uses the loop station to add more and more layers to the performance, to make it sound as though there are backing vocals and to create a constant, repetitious beat with the instruments, as he balances playing both the acoustic guitar and keyboard. It is essentially a clever way of becoming a one-man band.

Rhys starts his performance by playing the opening guitar chords to the song. By hitting record on the loop pedal with his foot, he records these chords so that they play on a loop throughout the song. He hits a rhythmic beat on the body of his guitar, using his hand, to create a percussive sound which adds to the loop. He then records himself singing lyrics to add them to the mix which creates the sense of having backing vocals. He doesn’t stop there, singing the same vocals at a higher pitch and playing them alongside the other vocals so that suddenly it sounds as though there is a harmonious chorus of singers supporting him.

Rhys has a commanding stage presence and enjoys engaging with the crowd. With the combination of his charisma and voice, he has them in the palm of his hand and they eagerly sing along, chanting the words back at him to create even more of a chorus effect.

Rhys does all this so impressively, for if you press the loop pedal just a moment out, the whole song would be thrown out of sync. This layering effect creates a fuller sound to a live performance which makes it a great addition to Christmas parties and it has become a particularly popular choice with his clients.

Don’t leave it too late! Book Rhys Tolhurst to entertain your Melbourne Christmas party now.


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