How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost in 2018?

Rachel Chipp

Are you looking for the ideal wedding band to suit your budget? Tremolo uses our expertise and experience to help couples decide on the perfect wedding band to fit all their needs.

Cost is an important requirement to consider when selecting your wedding band. Wedding band costs can seem to fluctuate greatly. As it’s likely that you haven’t had to think about booking a wedding band before, you may have no idea how much to budget. The best place to start is to look at Tremolo’s wedding package page to compare the average costs for each band size. This will give you a better idea of typical costs for wedding bands in 2018.

Tremolo has a diverse selection of artists to choose from, from classical soloists to full-on bands with singers, instruments and all the trimmings. With everything from Irish to Jewish music performers, we can guarantee that we have something to fit your requirements. In fact, you’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice and the only trouble is narrowing down all the fantastic choices on offer!

There are a number of factors that reflect the cost that each wedding band sets for their wedding music packages. Some of our artists only play at the wedding reception, some only at the wedding ceremony and some go the whole hog, playing the whole day and evening and even providing DJ services to boot!

An artist’s experience also plays a factor in the cost they set. Full-time musicians with extensive performing experience will charge a higher rate than those who only perform for pleasure on weekends on top of their day job.

Our least expensive wedding package is James, an Irish three-piece band, who magically transport you to the Emerald Isle by singing Irish classic and traditional songs. They perform two hour sets at wedding receptions to create an Irish bar vibe, with their wedding package starting from just $330.

On the other end of the scale, if you are looking for a full band to create a party atmosphere at your wedding reception, then a number of our bands offer a range of prices that depend on band number options and how many instruments you want to add to the mix. The more instruments there are, the bigger the sound and the more that people feel inclined to dance to the music, really let their hair down and get into the party atmosphere.

Mixed Bag is a fantastic band that offers this option and it is remarkable how adding extra members really changes the tone of the band. They perform solely at wedding receptions. Their options range from an acoustic duo, with angelic female vocals that would suit tender love songs, starting from $1350, to the ultimate seven-piece option with lead female vocals, lead guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet and saxophone to get people on the dance floor. Their cost goes up with each new band member that you add to the mix.

If you looking for an artist to take you on a musical journey from wedding procession to wedding reception, then Main Entertainment is your man. He stays with you throughout your whole day, playing beautiful acoustic music throughout the wedding ceremony and canapés and then he transforms into your DJ to blast tunes into the night at your wedding reception. This package starts from $2650.

Some of our artists will MC for an extra cost. Adding a compere to the occasion heightens the relationship between the band and the crowd. Black Suede Band are one of our artists who offers this service as an optional extra. They are a fun band with high energy and they particularly enjoy the interaction with the crowd that being an MC provides. Their package also starts from $2650.

Many of our bands are happy to play song requests to make your day as truly unique to you as they can. After all, your special song may not be on the song list of the particular artist whose voice you’ve fallen in love with. Artists may charge extra for this service due to the time that it takes to learn and practice a new song.

Our artists are all based in the Melbourne area but some are happy to travel outside Victoria. If you are based outside Melbourne, then to cover travel costs, most bands will charge an extra $50-100 per band member for each hour that it takes to travel to your wedding location.

Other questions to consider asking your chosen band are: do they charge more for PA or is it included in their wedding package cost? Could they supply a wireless microphone for speeches and do they charge for this? You’ll find that the vast majority of Tremolo’s artists offer PA and lighting inclusive of their wedding package cost which are two less things for you to have to organise.

With all these things to take into consideration, it helps to have some guidance. At Tremolo, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our artists are all very friendly and eager to accomodate your needs and they look forward to helping you to create a magical, memorable wedding day.

No matter what your budget is, you can guarantee that Tremolo has an artist to suit your needs. Contact us to get started on your wedding music journey.


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