How Big Should the Band at My Wedding Be?

Rachel Chipp

Wedding band sizes can range from a vocalist supported by an acoustic guitarist for a tender approach to love songs to a big sound created by a seven-piece band to pack the dance floor at your wedding reception. The approach you take can depend on which part of your wedding day you would like a band to perform at and the mood you would like to set: whether it’s to create a party atmosphere at your wedding reception, to perform that romantic first dance number or to accentuate the magical moment that you walk down the aisle.

One thing to take into consideration is what instruments you would like included in your ideal band. Having a drummer and bass guitarist can really help to get the dance floor moving. If you are looking for a richer, fuller sound, you should consider adding a saxophonist or a combination of saxophone and trumpet to the mix as in Mixed Bag's seven-piece band option.

Mixed Bag are actually one of many of Tremolo’s artists that cover a variety of band size options to suit your every requirement. Mixed Bag perform at wedding receptions and as their name suggests, you can pick and mix your band size options starting from an acoustic duo of a female vocalist performing with an acoustic guitarist to a seven-piece band with an added lead and bass guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone and trumpet to create a completely different effect.

An acoustic duo option is a very popular way to add a relaxed ambience at wedding ceremonies. AstroSoul are one of our most popular wedding artists due to Jessica Wilson's lush vocals that are at once cool and powerful. She effortlessly transitions from performing chilled ambient music at wedding ceremonies to fronting a band that will will get people dancing at the wedding reception.

You can either select the perfect package deal of AstroSoul as an acoustic duo for the wedding ceremony, canapés and wedding receptions or you could select AstroSoul as an acoustic duo for the wedding ceremony before adding a choice of between one to five extra instruments to create a bigger sound for the wedding reception. The bigger the band and the more instruments there are added to the equation, the livelier the atmosphere and the more that people will feel compelled to dance.

Rhys Tolhurst may be one man but using his loop pedal, he is able to create the illusion of a band sound by adding supporting vocals, guitar, keyboard and a beat to the loop to add a new layer each time. Hiring artists that use loop pedals is fast becoming a popular choice for wedding receptions. This way you are paying for one artist but still getting the band sound of several instruments accompanying the vocalist at once.

Another thing to consider is whether you would like male or female vocals or a combination of both. Soul Kitchen Band has a strong female and male lead who each take it in turns to take the lead on different songs. Kat has a powerful range while David has a soulful sound and they each use their talents to create the strongest impact on the songs that they lead, with each providing beautiful harmonies to the other.

If you would like lots of Top 40 songs at your wedding reception, then a better option for you could be a DJ. Main Entertainment provides a singer and DJ service in one convenient package deal. He performs acoustic sets during the wedding ceremony and canapés before spinning tracks late into the night as your entertaining DJ.

There is no set number to how big a band should be at a wedding. It all comes down to what is right for you in terms of budget, the tone you want to set and your own personal music style preference.

At Tremolo, we have a lot of experience in helping couples to pick their perfect wedding performers from our incredible and diverse selection of artists. Get in touch to discuss the perfect option for you based on all your special requirements. We look forward to helping you find the perfect artist to add that special touch to your wedding day to create everlasting memories.


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