First Dance Songs Similar to 'Thinking Out Loud'

Rachel Chipp

If you have attended weddings in the past four years, then the chances are that you will have experienced a sense of déjà vu. Everyone is choosing the same song for their first dance! Ed Sheeran beautifully crafted this gem with weddings in mind, not to mention performing a wedding dance himself in his music video, just in case you had missed the point. He even crashed a Sydney wedding to perform the song live to an unsuspecting couple for their first dance. Okay, Ed, we get it! His tactics have worked and he has risen to become the undisputed king of the wedding dance.

Everyone feels that the lyrics in ‘Thinking Out Loud’ speak perfectly to what their love is all about. How could you argue with lyrics that celebrate an evergreen love and muse on the mysteries of falling in love in the first place? Ed Sheeran’s got it all wrapped up in a perfect wedding song package. However, too much of a good thing can lead to overkill. If you are looking for something that is more personal to you but that has similar sentiments, this list looks at what it is that makes ‘Thinking Out Loud’ such a popular choice and provides some great alternatives.

James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

This beautiful song is equally tender and sensitive in lyrics, vocals and emotion. The singer lays his emotions bare. By touching on the moment he fell in love, the long life he foresees with his partner and the urge to dance together, James Arthur captures all the same elements that made 'Thinking Out Loud' such a success, with the added bonus of a beautiful falsetto.

Barbra Streisand - Evergreen

This classic is as eternal as its title would suggest. The song explicitly celebrates the everlasting nature of love. It even conjures the image of two spirits dancing together. Barbra Streisand’s vocal dynamics are unparalleled. The song opens softly and there is a warmth to her tone that envelopes the lyrics throughout. When she projects, the emotion explodes out of her while keeping strong control of her voice. With the upcoming remake of A Star is Born, it is likely that this song will be foremost in people’s minds once more.

John Legend - All of Me

Ed Sheeran claims that he will still love his partner despite her imperfections in the future, while John Legend is declaring that he is already so in love with his partner because of all her imperfections. This sends an even stronger message to your loved one.      

Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

You can’t get more similar than a song that is suing Ed Sheeran for directly replicating elements which include its harmony, melody and rhythm.

Ed Sheeran - Perfect

Lastly, if you really need to dance to an Ed Sheeran song, why not try 'Perfect' instead? He recorded three separate versions which each set a different mood. In addition to his solo version, which is a classic Ed love song, his duet with Beyoncé offers a softer, more tender approach that allows the expression of love to feel equal between a couple, while he brings out the big guns for his classical version, employing none other than Andrea Bocelli to record an orchestral version. Bocelli belts the Italian lyrics with such power that in the music video even Ed can only stare in open-mouthed awe. Yes, Ed has done it again, except this time he has tailored wedding song packages to suit people’s personal preferences rather than the one-size-fits-all notion of its predecessor.

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