Best Live Music Venues in St Kilda

Rachel Chipp

With the reopening of two Melbourne entertainment icons - The Palais Theatre in 2017 and the Esplanade set to reopen in October 2018 - the seaside haven of St Kilda is dominating the live music scene once more. Here we take a look at some of the best live music venues it has to offer.

The Palais Theatre

As synonymous with St Kilda as Luna Park and the pier, The Palais Theatre is a cultural icon. It somehow manages to combine a majestic exterior façade with an intimate theatre setting. The resulting acoustics are superb, making it ideal for mellow live music shows. Its recent refurbishments have only added to its glamour, yet it still retains the ambience that its long history has created that makes it such a prime Melbourne entertainment destination.

The Esplanade Hotel

Affectionately known by locals as The Espy, this is the longest running live music destination in Australia, and for good reason. A staunch supporter of live music, this hotel overlooks stunning Port Philip Bay, but the hordes drawn to it know that it is a St Kilda destination in itself.

Music lovers flock to its many band rooms but The Gershwin Room is the number one choice for live music aficionados, providing a sound and atmosphere like no other. This band room gains extra kudos as the filming location of cult live music trivia quiz show, RocKwiz.

In addition to the well-known bands, the Espy also provides emerging local acts with the chance to take to the stage in their weekly sessions. A prime music spot to see quality Melbourne entertainment.

Prince Bandroom

Located in The Prince of Wales hotel, the atmosphere in this packed standing room music spot is as electrifying as the guitars on the stage, making it very popular with locals. The large space has a 900 body capacity which generates a pulsating vibe. It has played host to Coldplay, Lenny Kravitz and Jack Johnson. With the main act often coming on stage between 11.30pm and midnight, you will be rocking out to quality live music acts until the early hours.

The St Kilda Branch

This pub/restaurant/bar all-in-one perfectly embodies the essence of Australia. It combines delicious food and plenteous beer with great acoustic live music. What more could you want? Its cool vibe makes it a fun spot to hang out with friends and soak up the St Kilda lifestyle.

Riva St Kilda

This restaurant’s stunning views of St Kilda beach and Port Philip Bay provide a relaxing location to listen to the acoustic live band sets as you watch the sunset. It also hosts functions, making it an ideal destination for a wedding reception.

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