Best Live Music Venues in Richmond

Rachel Chipp

The news that Richmond local and Australian music legend, Molly Meldrum, will have a bronze statue unveiled in Richmond in September has fuelled Richmond’s status as a prime suburb for live music. The fact that there will be an associated mural in Wangaratta Street Park, that will describe Melbourne’s esteemed music history, will cement Richmond’s central inclusion on the live music scene.

Here, we look at the best live music venues that shine a spotlight on what it is that makes Richmond so integral to Melbourne’s live music reputation.

The Corner Hotel

The inspirational environment that this premier music venue provides for musicians was famously displayed by Jack White, who composed the riff for ‘Seven Nation Army’ during a soundcheck when The White Stripes performed there in 2002.

The music doesn’t stop at this live music spot, with gigs on six days a week. It has secured its iconic status as Melbourne’s premiere live music venue for both international acts, such as U2 and blink-182, and homegrown talent, including Paul Kelly and You Am I.

While you get a great view of the performances from every standpoint in the band room, you can tell that a band is really resonating with the audience when they start climbing the band room pillars to get an even better view and this actually happens more often than not!

The Corner Hotel will no doubt attract even more visitors this year when Molly Meldrum’s statue is unveiled just behind this iconic music venue. Molly joked, ‘I might be able to use it to prop myself up when I come out of the Corner!’


This jazz club catapults you straight to the heart of 1920s New Orleans to showcase artists playing a range of jazz styles, from mellow to swinging, with pizzazz. Dizzy’s takes great pleasure in providing emerging jazz bands with the chance to hone their performing experience, whilst also providing a stage for both local and international jazz artists.

The staff in this establishment all have a passion for jazz that shines through: the bartenders love to discuss this music style with their guests and dance along to the playing musicians. So sit back and relax to some mellow numbers while you eat, before the rhythmic beats of Big Band Wednesdays tempt you up to the dance floor.

The Spread Eagle Hotel

A favourite among Richmond locals, this is the kind of pub where the staff know their patrons by name. This pub offers a great environment in which to eat a meal while you watch the footy and indulge in a fun game of trivia before the live music kicks in to rock the bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  

Kinisi Live

With the largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece, Melbourne caters to its residents to ensure that they will never feel homesick, courtesy of Kinisi Live, Australia’s number one live Greek music venue. It is often visited by Greek Sydneysiders who wish they had somewhere so exuberant!

Greek parties delight in their rambunctious style and the joyous crowds at Kinisi Live throw themselves into moving to the live music at the floor show and leave the venue still happily singing and dancing into the night. This makes it a very popular place for birthday celebrations.

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