AstroSoul are Guaranteed to Enliven Your Wedding Reception

Rachel Chipp

After you say your vows, you’ll want to celebrate your nuptials by dancing with all your family and friends. AstroSoul are a fantastic Melbourne-based band that will set your wedding reception alight! Whether you opt for a refined affair with background live acoustics to set the tone or you really want to make a noise with a full band, AstroSoul will cater to your individual needs.

AstroSoul can perform as an acoustic duo or trio. When performing acoustically, Jessica Wilson’s soulful lead vocals are given time to really show what they can do. AstroSoul take R&B songs and add a soulful sound to them. When singing, Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, they slow the tempo down which enables Jessica to add richness to the vocals and meaning of each word.

Alternatively, you can mix and match from a choice of instruments to form your very own tailor-made version of AstroSoul! The 4 to 7-piece band can consist of bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion, in addition to Jessica Wilson’s lead vocals and Cristian Barbieri’s guitar and backing vocals. It’s like creating your favourite smoothie with a variety of ingredients where each combination adds a different flavour. The more instruments you add, the more lively the event becomes! Individual instruments are frequently given a chance during songs to showcase their capabilities.

AstroSoul can transform the same songs to sound completely different, depending on the number of people in the band. As an acoustic duo, Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’ is slowed right down to focus on the meaning of the words and the emotion behind it but as a full-piece band, the song is given a lease of life to become uptempo and upbeat. This creates a party performance that makes people want to get up and dance.

AstroSoul’s setlist contains songs whose lyrics are perfect for celebrating everlasting love on a wedding day, such as Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’, Katrina and the Waves’ ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

AstroSoul’s 5 hour package consists of four 45 minute sets - two background sets and two dance sets. They are also happy to provide background music in between their sets, if desired. AstroSoul aim to make your day special by fulfilling your individual requirements.

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