A Man and His Harp Will Be a Beautiful Addition to Your Next Event

Holly Leszczynski

Alan Lazarus is “A Man and His Harp”, a smooth, soothing vocal and autoharp act from Melbourne. At 70 years young, Alan found his passion for playing music after his retirement from the telecommunications industry. Well regarded by audiences, A Man and His Harp will be a beautiful addition to your next birthday party or private event.

A self taught musician, Alan Lazarus is renowned for his smooth, relaxed playing style. Performing regularly with community groups, music clubs and the occasional festival, he has plenty of experience performing for a variety of audiences. Playing a mix of covers and originals, Alan’s style varies from country and bluegrass to folk and country gospel.

Offering an impressive repertoire, A Man and His Harp can perform songs from artists such as Slim Dusty, Bob Dylan, The Pogues, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, along with some great originals. If you’re a fan of folk music, Alan can play “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” by Bob Dylan and “Last Thing On My Mind” by Tom Paxton. If your event needs some country tunes, he can play “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Kris Kristofferson and “Wreck of the Old 97” by Johnny Cash. However, if you’d prefer some country gospel at your birthday or private event, Alan can play “Will You Walk With Me” by Mary Duff and “God on the Mountain” by Vince Gill.

This live performance of “Warden Send Me Back Home” is the perfect example of Alan’s musical talent and passion for playing to audiences.

Alan loves to harness the power that music has to transport us to another time and place. Playing for a broad audience of music lovers and passionate musicians, he has found great satisfaction and joy from being involved in the creative music process. Your birthday party, corporate function or private event is sure to be a huge success with A Man and His Harp.

For passion, talent and professionalism, you can’t go past Alan Lazarus. A Man and His Harp will be the perfect addition to your next Melbourne event, leaving your guests absolutely delighted.


Be sure to check out A Man and His Harp and book Alan for your next birthday party or private event.


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