10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band

Rachel Chipp

Do you perform at the wedding ceremony, canapés and/or wedding reception?

Some of our artists only perform at wedding ceremonies, some play wedding ceremonies plus canapés, some only perform at wedding receptions and some play all three as part of their wedding package deal. Our artists all specify on their individual Tremolo wedding package pages which parts of the wedding day they will perform at.

Do you have a repertoire list that I can select songs from?

Our artists all have individual repertoire lists that show you all the songs that they can play. This gives you a sense of their individual styles. You can check out the song lists for all of our artists on their individual wedding package pages. From that list, you can then select your favourite songs. It is best to ask your band how many songs they will have time to play so you know how many to choose.

Will you play special requests?

If you have a special song that you would like the band to learn for your first dance, you will often find that our bands at Tremolo are more than happy to accommodate these special requests. They want to make your wedding day memorable and unique to you.

Some generous artists will do this as an inclusive part of the package - think of it as a wedding present from them to you! Meanwhile, others will charge an extra fee due to the hours that it takes the band to learn and practice a new song. Some artists do have a maximum number of song requests that are specified on their wedding package page.

Can I choose which instruments I would like in the band?

Several of our bands give you the freedom to pick and mix your perfect arrangement of instruments and vocalists. AstroSoul, for example, allows you the freedom to select a combination that includes female lead vocals, male backing vocals with acoustic guitar and a choice of bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion to create a band size ranging from a duo to a seven-piece.

How long will your performance last?

Some artists will specifically only play the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception. Others include the wedding ceremony, canapés and wedding reception as one package.

Our artists’ wedding packages range in length from Dom Bello playing jazz music on his guitar for 45 minutes in his one hour package at wedding ceremonies and canapés to Main Entertainment who plays the whole special occasion: wedding ceremonies, canapés and wedding receptions are all-inclusive in his six hour package.

Bands will need extra time to set up and conduct a soundcheck. By asking in advance how much time they will need for this, you can factor their arrival time and performance time into the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Does the band require a meal?

If a band is playing for several hours, then they might expect a meal. Discuss with them whether it is their expectation so that you can budget for the extra cost. If there is finger food provided at canapés, then that might be all they would require.

Will music be provided during the breaks?

Some artists that play longer sets will play music on their iPod during their breaks to keep the atmosphere going, while some will perform background music themselves in between their sets.

Will you perform MC services?

Some of our bands are happy to MC for an extra fee. Black Suede Band are one band that particularly enjoy engaging with the crowd and will provide an MC service, for an additional cost, at your request.

Do you provide your own PA, lighting and wireless microphone?

Many of our artists provide PA as part of their package deal and some also include lighting and a wireless microphone. The artists specify on their individual wedding package pages what they include as an inclusive part of their package price. It will be helpful for you to know that you won’t need to provide these things yourself and bands with wireless microphones will typically be happy to provide them for the wedding party to use for speeches.

Will you travel outside of Melbourne to perform at my wedding ceremony?

Our artists are happy to travel outside of Melbourne, some are even happy to travel interstate and internationally. It is common practice for artists to charge a fee for each hour of travel time per band member though. Artists may also require accommodation when travelling a great distance from Melbourne so that is another question to consider asking so you know what to budget for.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch! With our extensive experience in matching the perfect band to each of our client's weddings, we can provide advice on any queries you have and put you in touch with our artists to ask them more before you book.


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